First day activity! I got the idea from a post #hisnamewasbeanni made a while ago. I had my students pull aparty class library in order to organize it. I let them decide how it should be ordered (they decided by genre); brainstormed genres; made signs; and they sorted the whole thing in one day!

Each class picked up wherever the last class left off. Each class amended the genre list as they saw fit. I watched them use text clues on the covers, question themselves and each other, and debate their decisions.

Tomorrow, we put the library back together with shelves labeled and students ready to read! They’re already calling dibs on certain titles. Super successful first day!

Thank you, beanni!


tea and happiness
Edward Elric: Am I interrupting anything important?
Roy Mustang: Impossible, I work for the government.
Fitz and The Tantrums - Out of My League
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Restoration room, St. Petersburgby Andrew Moore


Restoration room, St. Petersburg
by Andrew Moore


Emily Kaufman, Girl on a Fainting Couch, 1975


Emily Kaufman, Girl on a Fainting Couch, 1975